Everything About Comfast Extender Firmware Update

Everything About Comfast Extender Firmware Update

Comfast WiFi range extenders come into the picture when you are not getting sufficient network coverage using a router in your home. These extenders have testified their performance by providing users with ultra-fast and steady internet access. WiFi dead zones also remain at bay with the Comfast WiFi range extenders. You will feel at peace with your network-related requirements while accessing their network. But just like every other technical device, Comfast extenders can also become the victim of certain issues. And the best news is that to prevent most of the issues, you simply need to get Comfast firmware updated to the latest version.

What is Firmware?

Firmware is a program that is embedded in your device. It is embedded in the read-only memory of the device and provides it with instructions about how the device is supposed to function or operate. The users can delete or modify the firmware by using special programs only. The firmware, however, should always be updated to its latest version on any device to make the most out of it. A firmware update also adds new features to the device, minimizes hardware-related security vulnerabilities, and improves its overall performance.

How to Update the Comfast Extender Firmware?

Let us give you detail about how you can update your Comfast WiFi range extender to the latest firmware version without any hassle.

Comfast Extender Firmware Update Method

You can update the latest version of the firmware on your Comfast extender by accessing its settings by doing Comfast WiFi extender login. Let us get you through the entire process. In this method of the firmware update, you manually download the firmware and then upload it to your device. There are two steps in this method which are as follows.

Step1: Download the Firmware File

  • Visit the official Comfast website on a web browser on your computer.

  • Go to the download section.

  • Go to the Firmware tab. Find the latest firmware version for your Comfast extender model.

  • If the latest firmware version is available for your extender model, then download it and save it at any location on your computer. Be very sure of downloading the firmware update for your respective Comfast extender model only.

Step2: Upload the Firmware File

  • Plug the power cable into the wall socket to power up your Comfast WiFi range extender. Wait till the LEDs get stable on the device.

  • Taking help of a computer or a laptop, open a web browser. Prefer to use a web browser that is running on its latest software version. Additionally, consider clearing the browser cache and browsing history before attempting to update the firmware, as sometimes, cache hinders the process.

  • Type in the default IP address to access the web-based interface.

  • Hit the Enter key.

  • You will be prompted to enter the Comfast admin username and password. Fill in the details carefully avoiding any typos.

  • Click on the Login button.

  • You will be navigated to the Comfast extender management console or the settings page.

  • Go to the Device Administration tab.

  • Navigate to the Firmware Version section.

  • If you see Update Available mentioned here, then click on Check for Updates.

  • After the firmware is downloaded, click on Update firmware. This will automatically complete the firmware update process.

This is how you update the latest version of the firmware on your Comfast WiFi extender using the management console or the settings page.

Additional Tip: Make sure that you do not turn off your Comfast WiFi extender during the firmware update process as this may corrupt the firmware in your device. Also, ensure to have non-fluctuating power supply during the process such that there is no interruption in the firmware update process. Apart from this, be assured to receive a stable and reliable internet service as the firmware update may get impacted too if the network supply stops in between.

In a Nutshell

You are now aware of how to get your Comfast extender firmware updated to the latest version. Always keep checking for new firmware update releases by the Comfast and make sure that your extender is always up to date. Although, you can update your Comfast extender firmware using either of the above-given procedures, however, at times, if the firmware gets corrupted during the updating process, do Comfast WiFi extender reset. After the reset process, again do firmware update.

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